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An Adventure in Self-Discovery

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Meet Madison, Arkansas!

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A psychology major, Madison was looking toward her future with uncertainty. “An undergrad degree in psychology is useful in so many careers, but I was lost in deciding what would be my next step.” After attending Kappa’s 2012 General Convention and the Leadership Consultant workshop, Madison learned more about what it was to be a Leadership Consultant, LC for short, and saw the job as a combination of the things she was most passionate about: helping women achieve excellence during their college years.

“I applied to be an LC because the LCs I met while I was still a collegian were intelligent, driven and classy women whom I admired for their positive influence in my chapter. I now have the opportunity to uphold the ‘criteria of hers’ and give back to Kappa, an organization which has already given so much to me.”

Discovering and applying for the position gave Madison clarity when it came to her future plans.  “It has helped me develop interview skills, creativity, organization, punctuality, public speaking and presentation skills.”

Though there are many qualities needed to be a successful LC, Madison values positivity, flexibility, resilience, self-motivation, honesty, friendship and love for the job, the chapters, the women and Kappa Kappa Gamma above all others. These qualities have helped her achieve her goals and build trust with the chapters she visits.

As much as this job is about helping others, it also has taught her things about herself that she would have never discovered without this opportunity. “It has helped me practice the effort it requires to maintain relationships, even when they’re long distance, and I’ve become better at keeping in touch with friends. I also have a much more educated idea of where I want to put roots after experiencing so much of the country.”

She has learned as much about her own interests, passions, personality and goals as she did throughout her collegiate years. “I’ve learned the traits I’m most proud of and how to use those to help others and I’ve learned where my weaknesses are and how to start improving them. I’ve learned more about my likes and dislikes, and that I’m stronger than I would’ve known had I not pushed myself. I think this journey of self-discovery will only teach me more as the year continues.”

Madison Interest

“Every day is a new place, new people, new discussions, with new solutions. To see how much a chapter, or even you, can grow in one week of interaction is amazing. I could not think of a better or more rewarding adventure than this year.”

Madison has used what she has learned about herself to help struggling chapters succeed, especially when it comes to recruiting. “The most rewarding part of this job is to see their efforts and preparations pay off on Bid Day. Madison recently visited a chapter that was the smallest on campus. Though Greek Life was not popular among the pool of potential new members, Madison strived to help the chapter meet quota. “I had to leave on the morning of their Preference night. My stomach was all knots for them and I could hardly sleep. The Membership Chairman called me the next morning to tell me that they had made quota, almost doubling their size! Learning they made quota was thrilling and made everything I’d done so far worth it.” The chapter had the most successful Recruitment in years, including adding three legacies, something they had not been able to achieve in the last two new member classes.

The opportunity this job offers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “The friendships—all the way from the women at interview weekend to my LC team and the chapter women I’ve met—are so worth it!” says Madison.

“I’m still unsure what my next step will be after finishing my travel year, but I have learned … that I want to use my gifts to help and better the college-aged population. I know this job is great preparation for pursuing that goal.”

The deadline to apply for a Leadership Consultant position is November 1. This position is a one-year contract and is compensated with a salary and benefits package. A full position description and application details can be found on the Our Team page.

More Than a Job. It's a Lifestyle.

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Meet Emilie, Colorado State!


“Constant.” That is the one word that Emilie used to describe her position as a Leadership Consultant. “This is more than a job. It’s a lifestyle.”

Emilie is one of nine traveling Leadership Consultants hired by Kappa Kappa Gamma this summer. Leadership Consultants provide advice, support and resources to chapters and advisers and serve as a link to the Fraternity as a whole. They may visit as many as 30 chapters during an academic year.

“I wanted to serve Kappa and give back a little bit of all that Kappa has given to me,” said Emilie. “I also love meeting new people, so this job is perfect for that!”
For Emilie, the most rewarding aspect of her job is the benefits she brings to a chapter. “It’s rewarding when officers and their respective chapters benefit from my visits and the advice I have for them.  It makes their chapter better than it already was.” It is a surreal feeling for many Leadership Consultants to see the differences among chapters, but know that at the heart of each chapter are the same values and rituals that join each Kappa together.

In the month she has been traveling to chapters, “I’ve learned to balance my constant and ever-changing schedule with downtime, how to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle on the road, adapt to changing environments and how to pack and travel ‘lightly.’” She’s also brushed up on her presentation and planning skills, having to facilitate large group discussions and activities. As a former international studies major with a minor in business, traveling and meeting new people is helping Emilie gain the confidence and leadership capabilities she will need in her career.

Apart from learning essential job skills, this position is full of self-discovery. “I’ve learned that I always have to be myself and embrace who I am. When I’m comfortable with myself and am able to laugh at my mistakes and make jokes, I am able to connect with the chapter women.”


Leadership Consultants spend the majority of the year on the road, traveling chapter to chapter. “It can get lonely, so I appreciate it when the chapter women spend time with me and take me to do things.”

Emilie values certain qualities in herself and other Leadership Consultants. “You need to be patient, flexible, have a willingness to work with diverse groups of people, have a good sense of humor, compassion, understanding, honesty, strong time management and communication skills, and a genuine personality.” These qualities prove to be important when fulfilling the duties of a Leadership Consultant, which include assessing chapter performance, meeting with Greek Life and Kappa Kappa Gamma officials and building trust with a chapter before, during and after a visit.

When it comes to being a future Leadership Consultant, Emilie encourages interested parties to apply. “Just go for it! You learn a lot about life, the way of the world, and it’s a great way to transition out of college and into the real world.”

When Emilie finishes her job with Kappa, she is considering attending grad school for higher education and student affairs. “I’m basically getting real world experience for my future! I am learning how to facilitate and guide development at the collegiate level.”

“I am so excited to see what adventures are ahead of me! Bring it on!”

The deadline to apply for a Leadership Consultant position is November 1. This position is a one-year contract and is compensated with a salary and benefits package. A full position description and application details can be found on the Our Team page.

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