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We Are Multi-Taskers … So What?

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Guest Blogger Holly, Zeta Zeta

Our generation is the generation of multitaskers. We are masters of many things, but are we really doing any of them well? There is a lot to be said for a woman who can balance her academics, social life, family, (and everything else), but are we giving the people in our lives everything they deserve while we are trying to be queens of the world?

According to Jacqueline Gilbertson, founder and director of Culture Capsules and a recognized specialist in international and business etiquette, we are “glued to our electronic gadgets” and we are not always present in our relationships.

Most of us are guilty of being glued to social media through our smart phones, but what are we losing in our need to stay connected? The answer is our true, real life relationships. As Kappas, we live our lives around five virtues and one of these is sincerity. By always being connected to our electronic devices, we aren’t always showing sincerity in our relationships and we’re sometimes missing out on the little things.

So what can we do to improve our relationships?

1. Disconnect. As hard as it may be, when you go out with a friend, leave your phone in the car. This can be hard, but 30 minutes over coffee without a buzz from your cell phone can open a whole new world in a relationship.
2. Be traditional. Take the time to write a thank-you note when necessary or send a note to a friend, just because. By taking the time to show your gratitude, you will thrill the receiver and show off your great social graces!
3. Be sincere. The first two suggestions are nothing if you don’t put a little sincerity behind them. Take the time to build your relationships and do the necessary work to make them worth it. We are all busy, but with a little effort and disconnecting from media and electronics for a few minutes, we can keep those relationships strong.

Jacqueline encouraged me to focus on just one thing at a time and to leave people with things that can be treasured. If we can disconnect and treat our relationships like we do all the other things in our lives, we will all reap the rewards.

Think of ways that you can be more sincere in your relationships. Take 5 minutes and reach out to your mother with a phone call instead of a text. Take the extra second to sincerely thank someone for something. Pay kindness forward and you will start to see it in your own life. These things aren’t only contagious; they are things that people truly treasure. You never know when YOUR words might make someone’s day.

So will you take the challenge to unplug and reconnect with your life? Try it once this week let us know how it goes!


Kappa Headquarters Is Panhellenic

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Guest Blogger Emily, Butler

As one of the founding members of the National Panhellenic Conference, Kappa has a rich history in promoting the Panhellenic spirit. A piece of needlework hanging in the Heritage Museum at Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Headquarters was given to Kappa by Phi Mu, and Kappa actually called the first meeting of Panhellenic women in 1891—although the National Panhellenic Conference wasn’t officially founded until 1902. Kappa shares some history with Kappa Alpha Theta, as both organizations were founded in 1870 and jointly published a shared timeline of their histories in 1995 celebrating 125 years since both organizations were founded. Kappa and Theta were the first organizations to join with other Panhellenic groups in a co-housing venture in 1965 at the University of Pittsburgh, and when the pipes at the Kappa Alpha Theta house at the University of Montana burst in 2009, Kappa opened its doors and the two organizations shared Kappa’s house for five weeks.  

Kappa’s Panhellenic spirit doesn’t end with the history books—in fact, some of the women who work at Fraternity Headquarters are members of other NPC organizations. Kari, our Executive Director, is a member of Alpha Phi. “It gives me an appreciation of how all of the Greek groups are working toward the same goal and for the greater good of the community,” Kari says. Our Director of Finance, Heather, is an Alpha Gamma Delta and Marcia, Kappa’s Administrative Assistant, is a Chi Omega.

Alison, Kappa’s Meeting Coordinator, is a Phi Mu. She says her background with another Greek organization made it easy to understand Kappa’s role as an organization. “From the time I started at Kappa, everyone has been very welcoming and it didn’t matter that I wasn’t a Kappa or that I’m a member of a different Greek group. Kappa truly embraces the idea of the Panhellenic community.”

Women who join Panhellenic sororities most likely join for similar reasons: they’re seeking lifelong friendship, networking, and leadership and community service opportunities. So, it’s not surprising that those similarities don’t end at membership in one NPC organization—sisterhood in one opens the door for Panhellenic sisterhood with more than 4 million women.

Why I Love the Olympics!

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Guest Blogger Emily, Butler

My family has always been loyal to the Olympics. My parents went to Los Angeles in 1984, our family went to Atlanta in 1996, and in the years in between, every TV in the house was tuned to the appropriate channel for two straight weeks during the Games. We were thrilled when we found out London got the bid for 2012!

Events we attended in London:
•    Handball (women)
•    Volleyball (women)
•    Beach Volleyball (men and women)
•    Soccer (women)
•    Basketball (men and women)
•    Tennis (men and women)
•    Table Tennis (men)
•    Fencing (men)
•    Cycling (men)
•    Diving (women)
•    Badminton (men)




Sporting Highlights:

  • Seeing the almost five-hour tennis match between Federer and del Potro followed by Murray beating Djokovic in two sets to reach the gold-medal match
  • Watching Team USA Men’s Basketball set a record for highest-scoring game and largest margin of victory
  • Attending two medal ceremonies
  • Fencing! Who would have thought that such an obscure sport would be so exciting! It was our favorite event.

Sightseeing Highlights:

  • Tower of London—so many infamous people died here (Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey and more) and it’s where the Crown Jewels are housed. We saw one of the largest diamonds in the world
  • Churchill War Rooms—a must-see for any WWII fan
  • Abbey Road
  • Fleur-de-lis … everywhere!

Fleur fence

The Rumors:

  • Yes, it was really tough for U.K. citizens to get tickets to the games. We were fortunate to have multiple family members entered in the U.S. ticket lottery, and ended up with tickets for at least one event every day. When we would talk with people about what we were seeing, it was easy to see the disappointment and jealousy on the faces of the British people who might only have gotten one set of tickets to an event. 
  • Travel wasn’t that bad! I can only think of one tube ride where I felt like a sardine, and it was leaving Wimbledon. Other than that, we had no trouble catching trains and never had to wait long. 

What makes the games so great? Everyone catches the Olympic fever. Streets and shops were decorated everywhere we went. You wouldn’t believe the number of retail windows with gold medals on their mannequins! The organizing committee made London 2012 bunting that was hanging all over and the volunteer force was impressive. They were so friendly and it seemed like their mission was to ensure you had a great time. Even strangers on the subway were talking to one another. It was a fantastic event to be a part of! 

Emily’s mom (also a Kappa!), got a picture with The Key’s cover girl, Evie Stevens! If you would like to see more pictures from their Olympics trip, Emily’s father, John, kept a photoblog.

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