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Celebrating Our #KKGenius!

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There is a lot to celebrate in February. While Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day may top the typical list, top of any Kappa’s list is Academic Excellence Month!

This month-long celebration of all things scholarly is an important part of the Kappa year. It is a time that we take the time to focus on one of the core purposes of the Fraternity: to encourage and support the intellectual development of its members. Being a student is an undergraduate member’s top priority– but who says that succeeding academically can’t be fun? Try out some of these fun ideas to motivate your chapter and celebrate being #KKGenius!

  • During your chapter meeting, ask members to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound) for Academic Excellence Month, whether it be to study a certain amount of hours, to earn a specific grade on a paper or project, or participate in an academic workshop in their major. Review these at the end of the month and reward members who met their goal.
  • Host a “study date” with great snacks and lots of motivation.
  • Enter the 2016 Chapter Study Hours Challenge! Track your chapter’s study hours and tabulate the total number of hours for the month. Divide by your total number of members and submit the average study hours by email to your Academic Excellence Specialist. A prize (and year-long bragging rights) will be awarded to the winning chapter!
  • Share photos of members studying, academic excellence events or your chapter’s banner on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #KKGenius. The most inspiring ones will be shared by Kappa.

Regardless of how your chapter celebrates, Academic Excellence Month is a great way to celebrate the #KKGenius that surrounds each of us every day.

Now hit the books and have some fun!


Mary Pat Rooney
Academic Excellence Chairman, Assistant to the Director of Chapters 

The Interns’ Guide to the Galaxy

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After three months of Friday field trips and weekend adventures in the city our Fraternity calls home, we interns created a list of our 10 favorite experiences in Columbus, Ohio.

1. Eat and explore your way through German Village.

Whether you’re strolling down the brick streets of Columbus’ quaintest neighborhood while snacking on a delicious macaron from Pistacia Vera, hitting up Harvest Pizzeria for mouthwatering pizza made from farm fresh ingredients (where we spent a hefty portion of our paychecks, TBH) or getting lost in one of The Book Loft's 32 rooms of bargain books, a day spent in German Village is always picture perfect.

2. Hop down to Short North. 

If you like gallery hopping and perusing local art, coffee shop hopping (while winning a free t-shirt), or immersing yourself in cultural cuisines, the Short North Arts District is here for you.

3. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks …  

Even if sports aren’t your thing, you should still spend a day at a Columbus Clippers game. The atmosphere of the park on a breezy summer night genuinely made this one of our favorite intern memories. 

4. Don’t let your summer flutter by without a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory.  

The breathtaking botanical gardens, the chance to play with butterflies and vibrant collection of Chihuly glasswork made this our favorite Friday field trip. 

5. Not your average movie night.  

Hosted in the stunning and historic Ohio Theatre, the CAPA Movie Summer Movie Series is the nation’s longest-running classic film series. A different film is featured each week and tickets are just $4. 

6. Fashion emergency? 

Then you better head to Easton Town Center. With a dine-in movie theatre, endless restaurants and shops ranging from Anthropologie to The Container Store, Easton is here for all of your splurging shopping needs. 

7. Let loose your inner-child at COSI. 

Experiencing the interactive exhibits at Columbus’ Center of Science and Industry is like getting to reenact The Magic School Bus in real-life for kids of all ages. Check out COSI After Dark for even more grown-up fun. 

8. Nothing common about the Commons 

The Columbus Commons is a mid-city oasis. This downtown park boasts food trucks on Thursdays, concerts (most of them free) multiple times a week and there’s even a carousel, so you’re always sure to have a good time. 

9. I scream, you scream…  

Everyone in Columbus screams for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. The name is no exaggeration. There’s a reason this is a must-have for Fraternity Council meetings. 

10. Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.  

Call us nerds, but we loved hanging out the library — we almost had our mail forwarded to us there. Free books, free movies, fantastic study spaces and a newly renovated building? It’s everything an intern could want. 

Honorable Mentions  

We really loved these places too and couldn’t bear not to share. 

  • Replenish Spa 
    • Located in a carriage house next to Headquarters, this nonprofit spa offers traditional beauty and skin services as well as yoga classes. 
  • Columbus Museum of Art   
    • Cultural, within walking distance of HQ, newly renovated and free on Sundays. Go. 

  • Hocking Hills  
    • While technically not inside Columbus city limits, the trails, caves and waterfalls of Hocking Hills State Park make it worth the drive.
  • Thurber House
    • Another Friday field trip favorite, the home of playwright, New Yorker cartoonist and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty author James Thurber offers self-guided tours and many opportunities for creativity and community engagement.

  • Columbus Park of Roses 
    • One of the largest public rose gardens in America, it’s like stepping into a fairytale. There are also walking and biking trails, baseball fields and tennis courts for all your athletic needs.
The Interns: Morgan Christie, Ohio Wesleyan; Grace Brown, Utah; Lauren Bellatti, Oklahoma; Cara Bargiacchi, DePauw 

Top 10 Reasons to Apply for a Foundation Scholarship

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Did you know that it takes 25 weeks of full-time minimum wage work to pay the average tuition at an in-state public university? In the early 1970s … it took less than eight weeks. And did you know that a typical college student spends an average of $1,225 on textbooks each year? So it comes as no surprise that the average student graduates with roughly $33,000 in student loan debt

Students today don’t just attend classes and study hard. When you aspire to work a part-time job, land an internship, be involved in Kappa and pursue passions—life becomes quite the juggling act.

That’s where the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation comes in. Each year, the Kappa Foundation awards scholarships to members who need a little help making their college life easier. Here are our top 10 reasons to apply for a Foundation scholarship:

  1. Most Foundation scholarships are worth $3,000 for the academic year. $3,000 can go a long way! 
  2. In 2014, 50% of members who applied for a scholarship received one! 2:1 odds are greater than many other scholarships so it’s well worth the effort. 
  3. You only need to submit one application to apply for the more than 160 scholarships available. The Scholarship Committee will match your application to all scholarships for which you are eligible.
  4. Some chapters have scholarships just for them! Thanks to sisters who have endowed scholarships, members from that specific chapter get first preference.
  5. Some scholarships are major specific, such as the Elaine Johnson Lampert Journalism Memorial Adelphe Scholarship for journalism majors, or the Emily Day Koppell Memorial Adelphe Scholarship for music majors.
  6. Foundation scholarships aren’t just based on need. They are based on a combination of factors including academic merit, financial need and participation and leadership in Kappa, campus and community activities.
  7. Unlike loans, scholarships don’t need to be paid back. No interest rates, no payment plans, just free money to use for school.
  8. Scholarship recipients will be notified in late May if they’ve received a scholarship. This means a worry-free summer!
  9. Foundation scholarships are funded by our members. It is thanks to the generosity of our sisters that the Kappa Foundation was able to award 188 scholarships last year!
  10. Apply because you are a Kappa! Foundation scholarships are only awarded to initiated members of our organization. 

On Nov. 15, applications will go live. Applications and supporting documents are due to the Kappa Foundation office postmarked or emailed no later than Feb. 1, 2016.

What are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see the amazing things you will do for our sisterhood, our society and the world.


Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween Infographic_FINAL

Kappa Classy Costumes (part two)

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By Cathy Roebuck, Content Marketing Specialist

It’s that time of the year again: HALLOWEEN! Ghost and goblins rule the night, Hocus Pocus plays nearly every single day on ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween (not that I’m complaining), and children and adults alike dress up in costume to celebrate All Hollow’s Eve. 

1. The Sanderson Sisters: Speaking of Hocus Pocus, put a spell on anyone who sees you by grabbing two of your friends and dressing up as Mary, Winifred and Sarah for Halloween. 

2. Mermaid: Whether you dress up like Ariel from The Little Mermaid or maybe even the siren on the Starbucks logo, a mermaid is a cute and classy costume that we don’t see very often. You can’t go wrong with the extra glam from Lauren Conrad’s mermaid costume. 

3. Mime: A black and white striped shirt, a beret and a temporary vow of silence is all you need to mime your way through Halloween. Practicing your charades is a must. 

4. Movie Inspiration: Taking a cue from summer’s blockbuster hits like Jurassic World gives you the opportunity to dress up as a dinosaur, while Avengers: Age of Ultron will unleash your inner superhero. 

5. Mythical Creature: If it’s good enough for Taylor Swift, it’s good enough for me. Dress as a Pegasus, unicorn or even a phoenix. 

6. Bubble Gum Machine: This DIY costume certainly pops! 

7. Roller Disco: Halloween falls on Saturday this year, so catch a little Saturday Night Fever by taking your costume to a roller disco. 

8. Disney Princess: With so many characters to choose from, you and your friends could each take on a princess! For an even more interesting group, try to do different versions of the same princess. 

9. Throwback: Pick a decade, any decade. Bring out the fringe and the flowers for the 70s or the combat boots and plaid for the 90s. 

10. Get Social: We spend all day on it, so why not dress up like our favorite social media channel? 

Still need more ideas? Check out last year’s post. And remember, when planning a costume be mindful of choices that could be racially or culturally insensitive. Even if something is meant in “fun,” it still may be offensive to others. Keep it Kappa Classy! 

Spooktacularly yours,

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