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GIRLS Academy

Making a Difference

Unrealistic images. Objectification of women. Celebrity mean girls. We’ve all watched these stories on TV and read the sad news in the papers when it has gone too far. But one constant remains true. Girls in middle school today are being presented with ideas and images that can make them feel powerless and vulnerable - like they can’t make a difference.

Modeled after our successful Leadership Academy, GIRLS Academy employs a values-based curriculum. During a day-and-a-half retreat, middle-school girls discuss challenges they face, journal about their dreams, participate in a community service project and are mentored by Kappa collegians.

You might wonder why we’re investing in these young women. It’s because we know we’re really making a difference.

At our very first GIRLS Academy, a mom whose daughter had just attended the retreat approached us. She said simply, “GIRLS Academy has changed my daughter’s life. You have her believing that she can go to college … and now you have me believing it, too.”

How can Kappa help you make a difference?
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