Rose McGill Holiday Program

How It Works

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What is the Rose McGill Holiday Program?

The Holiday Program of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation is a “family” support system for current Rose McGill Confidential Aid recipients, especially at holiday times. Alumnae associations, chapters or individuals members may participate in making the holidays a happier time for those members in need.

Why is the cutoff  date of August 15 so early for participation in the program?

Rose McGill recipient notification, compilation of wish lists, and assignments of participants takes a great deal of time and care. Association and chapter schedules are considered as closely as possible. In years past, the cutoff date was June 30 and has been moved to August 15.

Does each recipient receive one assigned group or several?

There are many Kappas interested in the Rose McGill Holiday Program and each Rose McGill recipient may receive gifts from several associations, chapters or individuals. In this way, groups with limited resources can afford to participate and the sharing experience is spread among our Kappa sisters.

Can we have a recipient closer to our area?

The area where the recipient lives is kept in mind; however, issues such as confidentiality and previous assignments are serious considerations as well. To keep the cost to a minimum, consider the mailing expense before purchasing a gift.

May we be assigned the same person we were assigned last year?

The same Rose McGill recipient may be assigned to you; however, changing assignments based on current needs and numbers as well as providing the opportunity to acquaint other Kappas with various recipients is also considered.

How is the recipient's "wish list" developed?

Rose McGill recipients submit a form that has been developed over many years in response to comments from participants. Occasionally, recipients do not complete the form. If you do not have a wish list, you may use your imagination to select gifts.

Why do you need a Holiday Sharing Report from participating groups?

An annual report to the Foundation’s Financial Assistance Chairman is prepared based on your report, allowing the Foundation to record the funds contributed through the Rose McGill Holiday Program. Reports from participating groups and individuals provide a guide on amounts spent.

If we have excess funds allocated for the Holiday Program, how do we designate these funds?

We recommend that you contribute excess funds to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation for the Rose McGill Confidential Aid Program. When you send your checks to the Foundation, please note that the funds represent the excess from your participation in the Holiday Program.