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FAQ for Scholarship Applications

1. What supporting documents are required with the application?
Unofficial or official transcripts, or advising reports, from your current college or university must be submitted as well as the required letters of recommendation. Undergraduate need-based scholarship applications also require a cost of attendance form obtained from your financial aid office. 

2. Can I send my transcripts and letters of recommendation directly to Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters or the Foundation office?
No. All references and transcripts must be uploaded directly to your online application. However, they may be added after you submit your application. Chapter references must use the scholarship reference link and items will attach to your application automatically. 

3. How will I know if the Kappa Foundation received my supporting documents?
Applicants can view their submitted application in the application system and check the status of supporting documents. Applicants must upload transcripts. You cannot change your application once submitted, but you can upload and/or request references on submitted applications. Applicants can see if the reference they requested has been submitted or uploaded to the application. Applicants are expected to regularly check their submitted application to ensure all required supporting documents have been received. Please do not contact Kappa Headquarters to ask about submitted documents. 

4. How long should my personal essay be?
The online application allows 4,500 characters maximum for the personal essay. 

5. What criteria is used for selection?
Decisions are based on a combination of factors, including academic merit, financial need, and participation and leadership in Kappa and the community.

6. I am currently an undergraduate, but I plan to go to graduate school next year. Which application should I submit?
Submit the graduate scholarship application.

7. Can I apply for a graduate scholarship if I do not know the school I am going to attend?
Yes! Just list the schools to which you have applied. If awarded a scholarship, you will be asked to submit an official letter of acceptance. 

8. Which application should I use if I am not graduating in four years?
If you have not received a college degree, use the undergraduate scholarship application. If you have received a bachelor’s degree and you are attending college for a second bachelor’s degree, use the graduate scholarship application. Students in dual-enrollment programs pursuing a bachelor's/master's degree should use the undergraduate scholarship application. Pharmacy students are recommended to use the undergraduate scholarship application, but may choose to use the graduate scholarship application if they desire. 

9. May I still apply if I am graduating this spring and not attending graduate school? 
No, you are ineligible. Scholarships may not be used to pay for debt already incurred. 

10. What is the Cost of Attendance form required for the undergraduate need-based scholarship?

The Cost of Attendance form is a student-specific form that shows your financial aid received in comparison to the cost of the school. You can obtain this form either via your financial aid office or some schools have it in your personal student webpages. We will not accept general school website costs of attendance page printouts. The Cost of Attendance form must be for you personally. If you do not receive any financial aid or your financial aid office does not supply this form, then upload a note on letterhead from your financial aid office stating such. As an alternative, you may supply a FAFSA form summary with all social security numbers removed. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us at scholarships@kappa.org.

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