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Success doesn’t usually happen as a result of luck. It takes a combination of good ideas, planning, hard work and some strong foundational building blocks like leadership skills and knowledge. Lots of women have good ideas but need help with those other building blocks to succeed. As Kappas, we’re all about helping women attain their fullest potential. As Foundation donors, we can provide the dollars necessary to power the programs that give our members opportunities for lifelong learning so they can realize their dreams.

Our Foundation is often thought of in terms of museums, maybe even financial assistance. But did you know that we help provide educational and leadership programming for women of all ages?


The Foundation provides financial support so that our organization can succeed in delivering key programs to our members. Specifically, our efforts help to

  • Fund the development/presentation of our life skills series, Pathways
  • Deliver and expand the resources of the Kappa Leadership Institute
  • Provide funding for  our intergenerational Leadership Academy
  • Support our Kappa Trainers program
  • Connect collegiate and alumnae association leaders through LEAD seminars
  • Implement new ideas that help to fulfill the current needs of women
  • Maintain funding for GIRLS Academy.

We may not always think about how our programming gets funded and developed. But we do know that it takes gifts from generous donors like you to help women keep succeeding. 

You, too, can participate. Click here to learn more about giving to our Foundation programs.

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