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A story from The Key: Rose McGill helps a Kappa finish college.

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Pictured from left: Shayne Kelly, Alyssa Huckins, Becky Holt, Claire Murdock and Traci Folkman, all from Wyoming.

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Originally published in The Key Spring 2015 issue. Becky Holt, Wyoming, was terrified when her father told her what no college student wants to hear: family financial difficulties might prevent her from finishing her studies.

A complicated shoulder surgery had left Becky’s mother with nerve damage and limited use of her right hand. Although she was able to return to work, she was fired without pay as a result of her injuries. Her mother sued and won an initial wrongful termination case, but two years later her disability benefits were denied. At the same time, Becky’s father began receiving fewer hours in his job with the post office. The family’s savings had already been depleted to pay Becky’s mother’s medical bills, tuition for Becky and her sister, and Becky’s Kappa bills.


Becky is the first member of her family to join a Greek-letter organization, and she went through Recruitment on a whim, intending just to meet new people but eventually pledged Kappa. As a member, Becky learned about Rose McGill aid, but she did not consider applying until Brittany Howell encouraged her. "She made me realize my financial situation was an emergency," says Becky.

And now, thanks to a grant from the Kappa Foundation's Rose McGill Fund, Becky will be able to finish college with a major in zoology and pursue her dream of becoming a zookeeper or veterinarian—without the stress of financial worries. "It is not just a check—it's the support that comes with it," Becky says.

To read more about Becky's story and learn how sorority dues factor into the cost of college education, read the full article here.

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