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Leadership Programming

It’s Who We Are; It’s What We Do

leadership programming

We believe in providing women, not just Kappas, with opportunities for self-growth. Although our leadership programming started with Kappas through Leadership Academy, it has since grown to include younger women, too.

Outdoor challenges, bonfires and sing-a-longs. Sounds like fun – doesn’t it? The collegians and alumnae who attend our annual Leadership Academy certainly think so, but that’s really not what Leadership Academy is about. It’s a place for our members to dream big, examine their innermost selves and learn principles of leadership that they can apply in their chapters, careers and communities.


And we know that many of the most important moments happen before we meet one another at college.

You remember middle school. Oh, my. It’s a time of discovery in the midst of changes to our bodies and our circle of friends. We question who we are, and we’re beginning to look for purpose and, on some level, direction. Even if our mother is or was the most wonderful woman ever, we’re often looking for someone outside our homes to model our own lives after.

Because we saw the impact we made in our members’ lives through Leadership Academy, we developed GIRLS Academy. It’s an opportunity to pay it forward by investing in others without any expectations of a return. We simply relate our own experiences and teach from them to help a girl on her journey to becoming a woman. But before you think it’s just a slumber party, get the details.

Thanks to a generous grant from our Kappa Foundation, Leadership Academy has given hundreds of women the skills and confidence they’ve needed to tackle leadership positions and challenges they never dreamed possible. We aspire to give young women in middle school those same gifts through GIRLS Academy.

Still looking for more ways to explore your personal leadership potential?

*To find the GIRLS Academy application, please log in. Once logged in, click Conferences (on the left navigation)> GIRLS Academy> Application.

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