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We know all this licensing talk gets confusing – especially when you’re just trying to purchase a gift for a Kappa! But it is important that you shop for Kappa products only with licensed vendors. We answer “why” here.

Why do we ask you shop only with licensed vendors?

Kappa Kappa Gamma’s legacy is preserved through our trademarks, which we exclusively own. In order to protect the heritage of Kappa’s marks and maintain ownership of them, we must have a program in place to monitor the use of our trademarks and the vendors who request permission to utilize them.

What are Kappa’s trademarks?

Kappa’s trademarks include the Greek letters (KKГ), the Coat-of-Arms, the badge, the logos and the name Kappa Kappa Gamma, including KKG.

How will I know if they are a licensed vendor?

When shopping for Kappa Kappa Gamma products and merchandise check the full list of licensed Kappa vendors at to ensure the vendor is licensed.

Another indicator that a vendor is licensed is to look for this logo:

 greek licensed product

What if I come across an unlicensed vendor?

Unfortunately, there are unlicensed vendors out there illegally using Kappa’s marks. This can easily happen on sites like Etsy. If you come across an unlicensed vendor, please report them to our representative Melissa Jean-Baptiste. She can be reached at

Did you have a bad experience with a licensed vendor?

Please report any negative experiences (i.e. not returning phone calls or emails, poor customer service, and/or quality issues.) with licensed vendors to our representative, Melissa Jean-Baptiste. She can be reached at

I am a vendor. How do I become licensed?

Please contact Affinity Marketing Consultants directly. Our representative is Melissa Jean-Baptiste. She can be reached at

I am a vendor, and I want to partner with Kappa.

If you are interested in partnering with Kappa, please be advised that we review partnerships on a case-by-case basis. We typically do not affiliate with vendors in this way, but if we feel the partnership would be a good match, we may consider that option.

I am an alumna member, and I want to update my badge.

Please shop on the Herff Jones website where you can browse all of the available Kappa Kappa Gamma badges – including the blue and blue badge!

I am a chapter Corresponding Secretary trying to order new member badges.

Please visit the Chapter Purchasing Center managed by our Fraternity jeweler, Herff Jones.

Are you looking for contact information for our vendors?

Garity and Associates

Greek Licensing Products

Gremlin Books

Herff Jones, Greek Division

Kappa Travels

National Community Services Magazine

Our goal is to only license vendors producing quality Kappa Kappa Gamma merchandise and providing excellent customer service. When you purchase products from licensed vendors, you are supporting Kappa Kappa Gamma. We thank you for your cooperation!

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